OtimO® :

  • Has experience in project definition and management, with an expertise in IT and in the fields of industry and finance.

  • Has sound knowledge in some industrial domains (like agri-food, energy (bio-energies, renewable energies, nuclear Gen III & IV), wastewater, waste recovery, agribusiness, bio-tech ...).

  • Is sometimes involved in:

    • R&D projects (TRL 1 to 3)

    • Initial investment up to the pre-industrial demonstrator (TRL 4 to 6)

    • Following investments until the project is fully mature (TRL 7 to 9).

  • Advises companies looking for strategic partnerships in their development and investors looking for investment opportunities.

  • Proposes consultancy services in C-level Interim Management, in Economic Intelligence and in Business Development, thanks to its extensive experience and networks (in several countries).


OtimO® proposes consulting services in:

  • Project definition and management (in the fields of IT, Industry and Finance)

  • Merge & Acquisition (incl. fund raising) - Turnaround & Restructuring - Capital Development

  • C-level Interim Management

  • Strategic Development (incl. business development & support)

  • Economic Intelligence (by looking for market, technology and geographic opportunities)

OtimO® definitively contributes in defining - implementing - supporting the right solution.

Our clients, partners and prospects are:

  • Large-Medium Companies (non-financial) and Start-ups

  • Investment Banks, Investment Funds and Sovereign Wealth Funds

  • Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds, Family Offices, Wealth Managers and Asset Managers

  • Asset Servicing Providers (Fund Administrators, Transfer Agents, Custody / Depository Banks ...)

  • Supra-national organizations, or Governments


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